PEBS Flood Relief Activities

PEBS Flood Relief Medical Camps | Qazi Sajid Ali President PEBS

Currently Pakistan is facing the worst situation of Floods. Initially resulted due to heavy monsoon rains, catastrophe due to climate change/global warming.

Balochistan & Sindh were badly affected resulting in destruction of infrastructure, loss of life, livestock, agricultural crops, shelters, thousands of villages swept away by the flood water.

Pakistan Eye Bank Society (PEBS) took the responsibility of providing free medical care by holding free medical camps in the flood affected areas in collaboration with Zayed Giving Initiative – Pakistan Programme. – Pakistan Programme. (ZGI) U.A.E, Hidayat Jumani Welfare Trust & Pakistan Medical Association (PMA).

Flood Relief Medical Camp at Tando Ghulam Ali - Sindh

Pakistan Eye Bank Society in collaboration with PMA & UAE organized a large scale free medical camp at RHC,Tando Ghulam Ali for flood affectees. The camp catered to over 100,000 displaced persons temporarily taking shelter relief camps. The residences of these persons are inundated due to heavy rains and floods.

Flood Relief Medical Camp at Lakhra - Balochistan

PEBS Flood Relief Medical Camp at Lakhra flood affected area near Uthal Balochistan on 4th September 22, in collaboration with Sheikha Fatima Foundation UAE and PMA.

Tehsil Lakhra population of 35 thousands disconnected from civilization.
Services provided:
Eye OPD, General OPD, Cardiac Consultancy, and Mini Microbiology Lab.

Join hands with PEBS Hospital and bring light to visually impaired people. A donation of Rs. 5,000 can help us cure 1 Cataract Patient. 

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Free Medical Camp at General Tyre & Rubber Company of Pakistan

PEBS Organized free medical camp at General Tyre & Rubber Company of Pakistan Ltd. On 27th June 2022

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Qazi Sajid Ali -President  along with Sohail Yasin Suleman ~ Honorary Counsul General Mauritius  Inaugurated Dialysis unit on 24th April Saturday at PEBS Hospital.

Corneal Donation Campaign in Pakistan - A messege from PEBS Society

Free Gynae/OBS Camp at PEBS Hospital Short Documentary

A Free Medical camp was organized at PEBS Hospital’s Gynae Department. Several Patients were provided with free medicines. Following Diagnostics were also conducted free of cost that includes: BMD, B.P , Sugar Test , H.B, Ultra Sound, and free registration for Delivery. A professional team of Doctors from PEBS also joined to provide free consultancy to Patients.

Visit of Mr. Marcus Strohmeier - M.D Siemens Pakistan at PEBS Facility

M.D Siemens Pakistan – Mr. Marcus Strohmeier visited Pakistan Eye Bank Society Eye & General Hospital. A group picture from left to right, Dr. Qazi Wasiq – Medical Director PEBS Eye Bank & Cornea Lab, Mr. Marcus Strohmeier – M.D Siemens Pakistan, Mr. Qazi Sajid Ali – President PEBS, Dr. Kashif Farooqui – In charge Eye Unit, and Waseem Rais – Administrator PEBS.

Free Eye Camps at PEBS

Inauguration of Diabetic and Cardiac Unit at PEBS Hospital

Public Awareness Messages and our valued contributors

Inauguration Ceremony of Modern Eye Bank & Cornea Lab at PEBS Facility

Pakistan Eye Bank Society, Karachi organized Inaugural Ceremony of PEBS Eye Bank & Cornea Lab, Dr Azra Fazal Pechuho, Health Minister Government of Sindh present as the Chief Guest inaugurated the first modern scientific eye banking services to cover Sindh & Balochistan, on Wednesday 21st August 2019, at 11.00 am at the PEBS Hospital, North Karachi.
Mr Qazi Sajid Ali President PEBS, shared his life long struggle and efforts for eye banking in Pakistan.
Dr Qazi Wasiq gave a detailed presentation of Pakistan Eye Bank Network and the strategy ahead for the voluntary deceased Cornea Donation Program to help poor corneal blind patients.


Dr. Adil Al Shamry of Sheikha Fatima humanitarian International UAE and Mr. Qazi Sajid Ali President PEBS are signing an MOU for a community Out reach health care program at the PAK-UAE Medical Camp at PEBS North Karachi in presence of Hammad Obaid Al Zaabi Ambassador of the UAE. Mr. Saleh ALi Muhammad – Consul General UAE and Mr. Iftikhar Shallwani Commissioner Karachi.

Lectures and Seminars organized at PEBS for Women Health

Most women don’t understand or are not aware of the impact stress and other factors have on their health. Addressing this issue is key to improving women’s health in Pakistan. PEBS has taken necessary steps in order to overcome this issue. We at PEBS organizes several in house as well as outdoor seminars regarding women health

Seminars Regarding Eye Banking Concept in Pakistan


Iftikhar Hussain Teacher Training Program

School Eye Clinics