Pakistan Eye Bank Society was established in 1968 for the prevention of blindness and cure eye related diseases. Over the years it has diversified its services in Gynecology, Maxillofacial, physiotherapy and Laboratory testing. Pakistan Eye bank Society Hospital was established in 1993.The hospital is equipped with latest equipment  and  with capable doctors. The Society maintains its guiding principal that best available service will be provided to all in patient care, equipment, processes,compliance standard and surgery.

The Society has achieved success year after year which is evident by the increasing number of patients and procedures. 

While providing  quality medical services, we are simultaneously working on disease prevention. The Society organizes on regular basis health education seminars and workshops to educate masses about disease and its prevention. Our primary focus is on school children to detect eye related disorders at early age.We give training to teachers enabling them to detect any  eye related disease amongst the children at an early age.   Further  diagnosis helps in controlling the diseases.

 The Society  has conducted several workshops to educate women about family health. Our health education seminars has always received a good response. and appreciation from public.


Pakistan Eye Bank Society is committed to create awareness in public on prevention and cure of eye related disorders.

Our mission is to focus on prevention of blindness, cornea transplantation, eye banking, dental care, obstetrics/gynecology with our team of dedicated and highly qualified doctors &  specialists.